Ends on December 14, 2018

Spring 2019's issue of Modern Poetry in Translation will have a British focus

Our spring focus will celebrate the diverse language communities in Britain. We would love to read translations from all British indigenous languages, including Angloromani, Welsh, Polari, Gaelic, Irish, BSL and Cornish, and poems in dialects, from Scots to Scouse to Jamaican Patois. We also welcome translations of any British poet who writes in another language, from Punjabi to Somali.

Deadline for submitting to the British focus: December 14th 2018


A few reminders: We only publish translations of poetry (and not original English-language poetry) and the translations must be previously unpublished. We welcome work from any age, but we have a preference for contemporary work.
You are welcome to send submissions of up to six poems. You must be able to obtain rights for the reproduction of these translations both in MPT and online on our site. We pay a fee to our contributors.
By submitting your work to MPT you give us permission to add your email address to the MPT Newsletter, which will keep you up to date with future open calls, as well as events and new issues.
Before submitting to MPT please ensure you are familiar with the work we publish.
If you like the work we do, we strongly encourage you to support the magazine by taking out a subscription. An annual subscription to MPT is only £23. The support of our readers makes MPT's work possible.